Trashigang faces drinking water shortage post flood

A private contractor has been supplying water to the town residents from his water tanker since July 24

The flash flood of July 22 in Trashigang has washed away water pipelines in three different locations at the source, affecting the water supply in town.

With the temperatures soaring every day, Trashigang residents are in dire need of water. The water taps in Trashigang, however, are running dry.

Drinking water supply for the town, hospital and Melphey area has remained disrupted since the flooding.

Sonam, a resident from Trashigang, said it is the first time they are facing such an acute water shortage. “We are facing an acute water shortage in town for the first time, but the authorities concerned have been supplying water at our door steps till date.”

Another resident said that without water it is difficult to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. “During summer especially when the heat is on, it is difficult to survive without water.”

Samten Dhendup, one of the hoteliers, said that business is affected when there is no water. “The dishes pile up and we cannot maintain hygiene in such conditions.”

However, hospital officials said that all the necessary clinical works at the hospital are in full swing using ferried water.

Officials from the municipalilty said that the flash flood of July 22 has caused the drinking water shortage in town.

One of them said that they will fix the pipes and water supply as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, a private contractor has been supplying water to the town residents from his water tanker since July 24.

Efforts to restore the damaged water source began on July 23 with officials from the dzongkhag municipality office, police and residents contributing labor.

Trashigang Dzongdag Chekey Gyeltshen said that the distributing water pipes had been completely washed away and damaged. “Since the pipelines have suffered major damage we have to replace it with a whole set of new pipes.”

Additionally, he said that since the authority had to get a whole set of new pipes from Phuentsholing and Samdrup Jongkhar it took time. “We will try to fix the distributing pipes and water sources soon and supply water as soon as possible.”

The residents are also traveling some 5km to ferry water from Pam, while some residents are making use of the two springs for drinking purposes.

Jigme Wangchen from T/gang