Thromde foresees no housing problem as construction booms in Gelephu


The Gelephu Thromde is optimistic that there won’t be housing problems in Gelephu unlike other border towns with 61 buildings under construction in the town.

According to the officials, residents don’t have to confront problems like having to live across the border town of India.

The Thromde started receiving proposal for construction after the restriction on construction was lifted in 2013. Officials say that the number of proposal has doubled in recent times. Annually, the Thromde approves up to six housing proposals.

Since 2013, the Gelephu Thromde has approved around 150 building-construction proposals till date. Around two or three proposals are approved every month.

From July last year, the Thromde has approved 45 building-construction proposals, according to the Chief Development Regulatory Officer of Gelephu Thromde, Jigme Tshering.

He said constructions are happening in all the Local Area Plans completed by the Thromde.

“So far, the Thromde is done with basic infrastructures like road connectivity network, electricity and street lights. The Thromde will soon complete reaching facilities to LAP 5 and constructions will start there too,” he added.

Meanwhile, fiscal year 2015 -2016 has seen the highest number of building-construction proposals approved. The Thromde approved 44 and 45 proposals respectively.

“Looking at the current trend, we expect not to have housing crunch in Gelephu,” the Chief Development Regulatory Officer said.

He added that the Thromde now approves proposal if all the formalities are complete. “It is to make sure that enough houses are available once the population starts booming,” he said.

The total number of people residing in Gelephu Thromde is estimated to be around 15,000. This is expected to increase when the Jigmeling Industrial Estate gets operational.

Gelephu Thrompon, Tika Ram Kafley, said Gelephu, being endowed with plain land, has scope for boosting construction within and outside the Thromde.

“We think that despite the increasing population after all the developments, housing won’t be an issue unlike in other Thromdes,” he said.

Gelephu, which is a connecting town to central region, still receives many visitors during the winter. The town now also organizes various seminars and workshops.