The means will have to justify the end – BKP

BKP’s Sonam Tobgay says that they would stick to their values whether they win or lose the elections

After a successful party convention, the vice president of Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP), Sonam Tobgay, is upbeat that their party will form the government after the 2018 elections.

“We will win the primary elections, and we also have the confidence to form the government,” he told Business Bhutan.

However, one huge challenge for BKP, according to the vice president, will be to be able to live up to their values with politics getting marred by corruption, deceit and mistrust.

Sonam Tobgay said for BKP, no matter what, the means will always have to justify a successful end.

“We will stick to our guns, whereby if we win, we win the right way. And if we don’t win, we also didn’t win because we did the right way,” he said. “We will be proud to win, and we will also be proud not to win because we did it the right way.“

The main challenge, according to him, is that there is a lot of mistrust. There are lots of concerns on people wanting to be lured through freebees, promises and favors but for BKP, everybody should own democracy.  “We are trying to convince the people that they have to trust democracy,” he said.

Sonam Tobgay said that politics is very close to his party as they mean from their heart. “We say what we mean and we will do what we say,” he said. “We are not here just for politics sake, but we are here to contribute.”

“A party who wins an election through unfair means will not be able to serve his country. That I can guarantee you,” he said. A party that wins the fair way, the sincere way, and the right way will be able to serve the country well. However, he said, “I am not sure if that party can win or not. For us, the means will have to justify the end.”

When quizzed on whether elections can be won by campaigning and playing clean and corruption free politics, Sonam Tobgay said it is unfair to ask if BKP will be able to achieve it.

“We have to ask these questions ourselves as a country. We have to ask the leaders of the political parties. We have to ask the concerned institutions like ACC, ECB, RAA to further strengthen checks and balances,” he said.

BKP believes that their strength is their values, beliefs, mindset, their collective strength and their leadership strength. However, Sonam Tobgay said their weakness is that they are a party with no money.

“We are a party with no money. We will not accept contributions that go beyond 0.5million to a million,” he said.

He added that the party will accept contributions only within the permissive limits of 0.5 million per person per year. “We want to serve our constituencies, not the ones who give us millions or billions,” he said.

Sonam Tobgay said that BKP is working towards the outcome; however they are not worried about the outcome. “We are worried about the conduct. The journey is as equal as the outcome,” he said.

Meanwhile, BKP had a successful party convention on July 21, which saw over 5,000 people. With BKP’s manifesto titled ‘for a self-reliant Bhutan: our concern our responsibility’, the convention highlighted on ensuring equal opportunities where everyone can progress through hard work and merit.

The party also pledged to remove all sorts of nepotism and discrimination in the civil service by building a civil service firmly based on meritocracy and talent regardless of background and connections.

BKP, during the convention, also pledged to provide the most enabling environment for the private sector. They also pledged to provide 100% effective irrigation coverage and drinking water across the country, besides pledging to invest in ever young Bhutanese to get well paying jobs both inside and outside the country.

Lucky Wangmo from Thimphu