The DPT candidate for the Chhoekhor-Tang constituency

He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management and Tourism from the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration in Zurich, Switzerland. He also has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Bangalore University, India. The 35-year-old in a question and answer session with Business Bhutan’s senior reporter Chencho Dema shares his views on his candidature and his chances of winning.

Q. What is your reason for coming in as a replacement for the former Opposition leader?

The very and first and foremost reason to join politics is to serve Tsa-Wa-Sum and fulfill the aspirations of our Beloved Kings. While my second reason is the serve the people of my constituency (Chhoekhor-Tang), also to uphold the legacy and continue the activities initiated by former Opposition Leader in achieving economic self reliance through equity and justice.

Q. What does this by-election mean to you?

This by-election provides us the constituents of Chhoekhor- Tang constituency an opportunity to express our gratitude to former Opposition Leader for his selfless service and contribution for the last 12 years. Though his absence will be felt but I will try to follow his contributions.

Q. There are various factors such as an influential father, DPT vote bank in the constituency, PDP’s vote which might not favor your opponent while they favor you. Do you agree on this?

Wisdom of constituents must prevail over any of the factors you mention.

Q. Do you think Nanong-Shumar could replicate in Chhoekhor-Tang constituency?

Nanong-Shumar constituency did the right thing to convey a very clear message that, “There is no difference between ruling party and opposition when it comes to by-election.”

Q. What makes you a better candidate than your opponent?

I would not say I am good or better than my opponent. My opponent is a well-known popular figure in the country and also among the people due to his past profession as a media personality with excellent communication skills while I am just a humble native of my constituency.