The beckoning of a silent symphony

The beckoning of a silent symphony

Music has always been a companion to the listeners and Bhutanese are no different from others. They have been listening to the music in their daily life and have proven to be a source of their bread and butter for many.

In line with that, Choeying Jatsho, known to the Bhutanese as the father of B-pop has been working as a music producer more than 13 years in Mstudio Bhutan. He has been producing music for his clients on their request and gets appreciated for his works. The song “Losar Tashi Delek” is one that project he had felt proud off after getting recognition from the Bhutanese people who use the song as a Losar theme song for which he gives credit to his wife for coming with the idea to make a song on Losar.

“The music is a social product,” said Choeying Jatsho as he believes that music needs to be created for the people. He gets the opportunity to choose his partner for his music collaboration and says that it is one of the reasons why he enjoys producing music.

The income he generates from one song starts from Nu 5000 and above depending on the nature of the work. The songs that are used in the Bhutanese movies have some contributions made by him and the films that features the songs made by him are Semghi Bakcha, Dhew Sanja, Singye and Lingpoen.

The songs playlist Bhutanese people listen to include the songs produced by him as he has composed song more than 1000 numbers. He deserves to be called as the father of b pop in Bhutan.

Moreover, Bhutan has seen a huge number of arising youth singers. Among them, Rigyel Phuntshok, who enjoys singing believes that doing the work a person likes to do make them more productive person than being forced to do the work that they don’t like. Rigyel said that music is a gateway to express himself and been into the career since he was a young and got the inspiration from the international artists like the Beatles, Queens and Bonjovi. His first dzongkha song he produced and self-composed song is called as Dabin and feels proud about it as he has been covering the songs till now and made an achievement through his original work. He works under the Baeyul301 label which is formed by a group of close friends who came together to make a better music. He had been to the tours in places like Gelephu, Wangdue, Paro and Phuentsholing and is paid between Nu 20000 to Nu 30000.

The prices for the tickets are of reasonable price up to Nu 200. His parents have been supportive in his journey which makes him able to produce a good song for his listeners. In this modern time where everyone gets competitive, he has a new way of approach towards his fellow singers as he tries to learn some new techniques and values of singing from them to be able to perform better than he did before.

In his musical journey, his parents are to be mentioned because they are the reasons why he started and chose singing as his career. His self-composed songs ‘Doena and Kanini’ are being recognized by the Bhutanese people and are being used for their tiktok videos and for their videos in other social media platform

Although the journey for the Bhutanese singers and influencers are tough, the right effort they put in makes it possible to achieve their dreams and it is what they feel is right. The path they choose is what they always wanted to do and are not forced to do something that they don’t like to do.  Music is a companion in all sorts of emotional journey to the celebration and they work hard in producing the songs that fits in all kind of situation. In this whole journey of them, they keep on working for their listeners who has been waiting for their new releases.

Pema Youden from Thimphu