T/Yangtse gets its first futsal turf ground

T/Yangtse gets its first futsal turf ground

The Gomkora Futsal Ground was constructed by two residents of Doksum with Nu 4.6mn

The first futsal turf ground in Trashiyangtse has uplifted the mood of many football enthusiasts in the district. 

Locals believe that the Gomkora Futsal Ground is expected to play a crucial role in bringing up good local players from the communities in the district.

The futsal ground is located a few kilometers away from the Doksum Town and with such sport facilities in the district, football and futsal enthusiasts are happy to have the futsal ground.

One of the proprietors of the futsal ground, Thinley Norbu said as most of the recognized footballers and clubs are from the western region of the country, the ground will help footballers from the grass-root level to adults to boost their footballing abilities.

He said, “There are many football enthusiasts in the district; however, they lack facilities to play. With this ground I am hopeful that local talents will be boosted.”

He said with the futsal ground, school going children can also come and learn some additional skills physically by playing futsal.

He said the students from Doksum Primary School are given two-hour free ground service on Sundays for grass-root training.

He said the ground is five-sided but it can be played seven-sided as well.

A football enthusiast in the district, Phuntsho said as most of the footballers either travel to Kanglung or Gyelpozhing to play football on an artificial turf, the new ground at the hometown will help everyone to be happily engaged in the game.

He said with the new ground in the district, he and his friends can save money and time. 

“I usually spend my weekends playing a match,” he added.

A resident of Trashigang, Sonam Norbu said, “Me and my friends are planning to travel there to play on the weekends.”

He said, “We are excited to go there and play with new opponents.”

A resident of Trashiyangtse, Pema said he usually brings his young son to watch  a match with him on weekends. 

“I feel that my son will also have a try on the ground one day instead of being glued to his mobile phone all the time,” he added. 

A football enthusiast, Sonam said, “I am very happy that a new turf ground has been opened at our place. Till now I have just watched the games; however, I will form a team and play on the ground soon.”

Meanwhile, the futsal ground facility is open throughout the weekdays and weekends from 6am to 11pm. The ground is equipped with a solar lighting system for evening and night matches, and the ground fee is being charged on an hourly basis ranging from Nu 1,000 to Nu 1,800.

For students, the ground fee has been fixed at Nu 1,000 fixed per match and for women footballers there is a 20% discount on the ground fee during the evenings. 

The Gomkora Futsal Ground was constructed by two residents of Doksum with Nu 4.6mn.

Sonam Tashi from Thimphu