T/gang residents worried over virus outbreak in the district

T/gang residents worried over virus outbreak in the district

The district is currently a green zone without a single positive case of Covid-19 as of now

With the arrival of incoming travelers from other districts increasing in Trashigang, the residents of the district are worried about the outbreak of Covid-19 infection in the town.

Trashigang dzongkhag is currently a green zone without a single positive case of Covid-19 as of now. However, the residents of Trashigang are worried with the country seeing a rise in the number of positive cases from the communities in many dzongkhags.

Their worry is further intensified by the increasing number of people who are coming to Trashigang from various parts of the country. The residents fear that there might be Covid-19 infection soon in the town if they are not careful.

A resident of Trashigang, Yeshey said everyone she knows are worried about the outbreak of the virus in the district as there are many travelers who are coming to Trashigang through the flight in Yonphula and via roads.

“There are many vehicles entering the district from the high risk areas, and we are worried about the outbreak,” she said, adding that Trashigang does not have a big hospital to treat the patients in case of a large outbreak of the disease. 

“They might have tested negative before or during their travels. But we don’t know because people have been found positive despite having been tested negative earlier,’ she said.

With the availability of road and flight routes, around a hundred people come everyday to Trashigang by flight, private vehicles and public transport. The travelers, meanwhile, before entering Trashigang district have to be tested negative for Covid-19.

And as travelers come to Trashigang every day with negative test results, some residents say it does not give any indemnity about the travelers being negative on Covid-19 testing.

A resident of Shongphu, Phuentsho Norbu said the results of Covid-19 test cannot be trusted and that even a negative patient can also be Covid-19 positive later on.

He said everyone is worried that if there is an outbreak, it would be from the vehicles or travelers coming to Trashigang.

 He said, “Even a rumor or talk about a primary or secondary contact entering the district worries everyone.”

“There are some travelers who upon arrival visit the shops or stroll around instead of heading home after getting out of the public transport,” a Rangjung resident, Needup Wangmo said. 

She said she is concerned over seeing new faces and with the virus not taking long enough to spread.

Another resident from Shongphu, Phuentsho Dorji said, “If in case one traveler spreads the virus, there is no use of residents following the protocols strictly as one way or another the virus will be transmitted.”

He said it would be better if the concerned authorities let the incoming travelers stay under home quarantine for a few days instead of leaving them free. 

Sonam Tashi from Trashigang