T/gang gets its first swimming pool

The swimming pool is at Godi, which is between Trashigang town and Rangjung

Much to the relief of the residents and swimming enthusiasts in Trashigang, this eastern district got its first swimming pool at Godi, which is between Trashigang town and Rangjung.

The Menchu Swimming Pool, which began operation more than a week now, has been named by one of the Rinpoches and is owned by Tshering Phuntsho.

Tshering Phuntsho said while he had this plan for a long time, he was not able to start as he was busy with tourism work during the past years before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Further, due to the pandemic, he said tourism was closed and he went ahead with his dream of starting a swimming pool in Trashigang.

He said it has been two weeks since he started the swimming pool at Godi.

Other facilities at the swimming pool include bathrooms and toilets for adults and children, and tubes to float on the water.

“As it is the beginning of the summer season, customers do visit the swimming pool. But around 80% are filled by the children who come along with their parents,” Tshering Phutsho said, adding that he invested Nu 3mn for the swimming pool.

Regarding the depth of the swimming people, there are two provisions where a depth of around 4ft has been maintained for children, and a depth of 4ft to 6ft has been maintained for adults. The swimming pool charges Nu 200 to adults for an hour of service, while children are charged Nu 100 an hour.

Apart from looking for a lifeguard at the swimming pool to ensure safety for customers, Tshering Phuentsho said he is also expecting more customers to come by to freshen up given that the summer season has started.

A resident, Karma Dorji, who had to come for a swim, said, “They are happy that their place finally has a swimming pool. As the weather gets hot in the afternoon, it is the best place to cool down here at the swimming pool.” 

Another resident, Norbu said, “It is good to see our place having its own swimming pool and even the location is suitable as the residents from Trashigang and Rangjung could easily visit this place.”

An eight-year-old Chimi Dorji, who came with his father to the swimming pool, said, “Even though I don’t know how to swim, I would love to learn swimming. My father helps me to swim on the children’s side of the swimming pool.”

And while Tshering, a Trashigang resident, does not know how to swim, he said he is planning to visit the new pool during the weekend so that he can learn how to swim.

Sonam Tashi from Trashigang