Students spend summer vacation meaningfully

Students spend summer vacation meaningfully

It is 10 am. A skinny boy in a faded T-shirt and half pants is dressed for the day.

Nim Dorji, 19, is in gear to protect himself from the summer heat.He is working at a construction site in Khasadrupchu, 24km from Thimphu, during the summer break.

After appearing for class XII mid-term examination in June, Nim Dorji came to the capital looking for part time work. There weren’t many. So the student from Gasa joined a construction site near Thimphu -Paro highway.

Nim Dorji felt awkward sometimes to see some of his friends driving by as he broke stones and carried cement bags, but he is fulfilled. “I am happy, at least I found a part time job in Thimphu,” he said, “he haven’t missed a single day since I joined work.”

Nim Dorji earns Nu 600 a day and feels it is a good opportunity funding his own expenses for another half of his school session. The earnings will fund his uniform, stationery and pocket money.

 “I don’t have time for frivolity as I am from a poor family,” Nim Dorji said, “I am working during day time and evening though I have many assignments to complete.”

Likewise, Dema, 20, is at her village in Gidakom. It is time for paddy cultivation and the student from Kelki Higher Secondary School sells vegetables in the capital. Without any luck in finding a desk job, a friend shared the idea with her parents. She earns Nu 2,500– 4,000 a week. “Without earning some cash I wouldn’t be able to continue my studies,” she said. Dema is happy with her work and considers the long summer vacation an opportunity to earn.

“Frankly, I feel proud when I can earn some money for my school expenses,” she said. She starts as early as 8am, sells vegetables on the street and moves to the crowded spots at Centenary Farmer Market. She earns about Nu 700-1,000 a day.

Dema’s mother is happy with her daughter and appreciates the fact that she is working.  “My daughter is getting the hang of life,” she smiles.

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu