Students can opt for old or new curriculum based examination

Students appearing the BCSE (Class X) and BHSEC (Class XII) examinations as supplementary and private (failed) candidate will now have an option to register for either old or new curriculum based examination during the change in curriculum or part thereof.

This is as per the recent announcement made by the Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment (BSCEA) Wednesday.

According to BSCEA’s notification, a candidate cannot change his/her registration from old to new or vice versa once the registration is closed.

And a candidate opting for the new curriculum should reportedly fulfil every requirement of the new curriculum, such as appear in viva voce, project and practical or all.

“Also, viva voce/project /practical marks awarded from the last BHSEC examination will not be considered for the candidate,” states the notification.

Further, a candidate opting for the old curriculum will appear the practical examination based on the old curriculum, and his/her viva voce, project marks will be awarded from the last BHSEC examination.

The BSCEA has also notified that candidate opting to reappear the examinations after a gap of one year or more during which the change in the curriculum has already taken place and tested in the examinations, he/she must appear the new curriculum.

“For instance, if a candidate has appeared the old curriculum BHSEC examination in 2016 or before and wants to sit the 2019 BHSEC examination, he/she will have to sit for the new curriculum examination. Only during the immediate take-over by the new curriculum, option to choose old or new curriculum examination will be given,” states the notification.

Staff Reporter from Thimphu