Snapshot of the former General Round elections

In 2008, only two parties were contesting the elections, due to which there was no need for the primary round of elections. It saw the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) contesting in what was Bhutan’s first parliamentary elections for the National Assembly (NA). It saw a total of 252,672 votes cast, of which 235,553 were electronic voting machine (EVM) votes and 17119 were postal ballot votes.

The results were declared on March 24, and it saw DPT securing 67.02% of the votes and PDP securing 32.98% of the votes. In the EVM DPT secured 66.2% while PDP secured 33.8% and in the postal ballot, DPT secured 77.8% and PDP secured 22.2% of the ballots.

Of the total votes cast postal ballots constituted 6.8% and EVM votes constituted 93.2%.

DPT in 2008 won a landslide victory, winning 45 of the 47 seats in the parliament. PDP won only two seats.

The National Assembly elections of 2013 again saw the PDP and DPT at the general round. The result was a victory for the PDP, which won 32 of the 47 seats.

The Overall Voter Turnout was 66.1% with a total of 252,485 voters having cast their votes out of the total of 381,790 Registered Voters. Of the total votes cast 208,226 votes were cast in person on the Electronic Voting Machines in the 850 polling stations and 44,259 votes through Postal Ballots.

The 2018 general elections saw Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) and the DPT at the general rounds. DNT formed the government winning 30 of the seats, while DPT had to settle with 17 seats.

A total of 18 women candidates contested in the Primary Round. Out of the total 10 contested in the General Elections, 7 were elected to the National Assembly.

The total number of registered voters was 438,663 of which, EVM Voters were 304,659 and PB voters 134,004. It comprised 31,641, conventional Postal Voters, and 102,363 Postal Ballot Facilitation and Mobile Booths Voters.

A total of 313,473 (159,319 females and 154,154 males) voters turned out and cast their votes for the Candidate of their choice in the 47 Constituencies. The Overall Voter Turnout Percentage was 71.46%.

Dechen Choden from Thimphu