Sherubtse College initiates green bag use

To spread awareness on waste management and to set an example in the community, the students of Sherubtse College will now be using green bags for shopping.

Green bags were distributed to all the students in the college.

The green bag system was initiated by the Forum for International and National Awareness (FINA) executives (student representatives) as a trial project and if found successful, the college plans to make the use of green bags mandatory for all the students.

The green bag is eco-friendly and will also save shopkeepers resources as they will not have to provide separate plastic bags.

Sonam Deki, a student representative, said that the idea of starting the green bag system was conceived during the culture exchange program held in Japan last year.

She said that the green bag system would help in waste management and encourage people in the community to reduce the use of plastics.

“We are also going to start an awareness program for the shopkeepers of Kanglung just to make sure that they do not provide plastic bags to the students,” said Sonam Deki.

Sangay Khandu, a resident leader, said that such an initiative would go a long way in reducing waste generated from the hostels and also keep the campus spic and span.

Meanwhile, Dorji, a shopkeeper from Kanglung said that it is a worthy initiative especially coming from youth.

Dorji Zangmo, a student of Sherubtse College said the students are ready to cooperate with such initiatives as it will benefit the environment and help maintain sanitation.

“I plan to make good use of the green bag,” she said.

Each green bag costs Nu. 190 and student representatives plan to frame certain rules to keep the use of the bag sustainable.

Jigme Wangchen from Kanglung,T/gang