Search underway for mother of baby abandoned in Taba

Search underway for mother of baby abandoned in Taba

The infant’s body was found in lower Taba in Thimphu on March 30

The mother of a newborn baby abandoned in Taba in Thimphu has not been found yet, although the search for her is still ongoing, according to a police official. 

The body of the infant was found in lower Taba in Thimphu on March 30 and was a boy. 

According to the police official, the CCTV surveillance was out of range and the baby’s body had been dumped on the roadside. 

The official said that the mother was believed to be living in the Taba area. 

Meanwhile, police were informed that a baby had been taken by a group of dogs. When they rushed to the scene, they found the baby’s body mutilated. When the baby’s body was found, one of the feet and the face were missing. 

While it is believed that the body was dumped after giving birth at home, it is not known if the baby was born alive.

According to the Penal Code of Bhutan, a defendant is guilty of the offence of abandoning an infant or child if the accused is a parent, guardian, or other person legally entrusted with the care or custody of an infant or child and the accused leaves the infant or child in any place with the intent to abandon.

Section 218 states that abandoning an infant or child is a misdemeanor.

Meanwhile, this is the second incident of abandoning a newborn baby in Thimphu. 

On January 25, the body of an infant was found at the Central Plaza in Olakha. Police were able to locate the mother, who is believed to have killed the infant, from the CCTV footage. 

The CCTV footage showed that the mother had thrown away the infant’s body while pretending to dispose of garbage. When police discovered the infant’s body, both the baby’s limbs and abdomen were reportedly missing.

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Chencho Dema from Punakha