Schools in T/gang resume for new academic year

Schools in T/gang resume for new academic year

Meanwhile, a majority of primary schools will resume only after the COVID vaccination program for children aged between 5-11 years

Most of the students in schools across the district in Trashigang have returned to their classes for the new academic year.

The students of classes from 7 to 10 and those studying in the 12th grade are already in their schools, while the rest of the students, from classes PP to 6, will be joining their schools on April 18, after getting the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

And students, from classes PP to 6, who have not been vaccinated, have been urged to report to school on April 28. 

The Chief Dzongkhag Education Officer (CDEO), Phuntsho Dorji said as the schools reopen, they are well prepared for the return of the students to the campus.

He added that students are also encouraged to avail the Covid-19 vaccination services from the nearest health facility if they have not been vaccinated. 

He said even each school has isolation rooms kept ready in times of an emergency.

And for checking the temperature of the students in the campus, he said, “Each school also has the Covid thermal gun. But it is not used frequently as the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) says that due to the difference in weather conditions in the country, the thermal gun sometimes gives wrong results, which can create panic among students in a school.”

And in case a boarding student of a school is detected Covid-19 positive, Phuntsho Dorji said the particular student would be shifted to an isolation room that will be there within the school campus and would be given proper and timely meals for recovery.

For a day-scholar student if he/she is detected positive, he said they are discouraged from coming to the school.

According to the CDEO, teachers are reminded to ensure proper ventilation in classrooms by opening the door and windows. If there are no cases in a school, then even a morning assembly for once or twice could be held in an open space.

Meanwhile, as students return to their respective schools, they are reminded to wear facemasks properly and maintain physical distance as much as possible to maintain safety.

Further, students having symptoms of Covid-19 are recommended to visit the nearest health center for check-up before entering schools.

“In case a student is sick or with health problems and he/she is brought to the school, then the concerned parents bringing the student to the school should inform the school about the conditions of the student,” Phuntsho Dorji said.

“The school management along with a health focal teacher will be monitoring the students with underlying health conditions and the health conditions of these students will be reported to the designated officials regularly,” he added.  

Sonam Tashi from Trashigang