Dzongkhag taskforce becomes more serious with COVID-19 protocols in Trashigang

Schools ensure safety protocols are being followed in T/gang

Even parents are cautious now as their children go to schools

With primary school students having returned to schools earlier this week, primary schools in Trashigang are ensuring that students are safe from Covid-19 by emphasizing and following the guidelines and protocols of the health ministry.

The principal of Kanglung Primary School in Trashigang, Sangay Dorji said the protocols are well placed for the safety of the students in the school and everyone in the school is following the guidelines from the health ministry.

“The returning date to school was postponed and as per the directives from the ministry the mid-term break has been shortened. Earlier the school used to have two weeks of mid-term break and now it has been minimized to one week,” he said, adding that even the annual examination has been scheduled in December which earlier used to be in November.

He said the school has around 57 new students in PP level this year, a bit fewer than last year’s 61 students in PP level.

“The programs in the school are done in the open space and the school is trying to reduce gatherings inside the school campus,” Sangay Dorji said.

“The students along with teachers are made to wash their hands before entering the classroom and other guidelines as per the health ministry have been put in place in the school,” he added. 

The Principal of Rongthung Primary School, Neten Tshering said the school has developed a simple SoP to manage outbreak of the pandemic and ensure that children are well protected.

“We have a school Covid focal person to advocate to children about basic Covid protocols such as proper wearing of face masks, frequent hand washing and maintaining physical distance,” he said, adding that the school has managed washing stations at strategic locations in the school.

Further, Neten Tshering said the school has placed SoP to tackle problems related to Covid this year.

“Even there is a social forum where the school along with parents are having discussion and interaction every day,” he added. 

There are nine students in PP level this year and the school had 13 new children last year.

The Principal of Changmey Primary School, Jigme Tenzin said the school is seeing fewer admission in PP level, which he feels is because of the decreasing number of children in the village.

According to him, there are around 19 new students at the Changmey ECCD center and only six new PP level students in Changmey School. 

“Being in a remote area, in recent years, parents had a tough time sending their children fully fed to school. Now that the school is providing two meals, once in the morning and the other in the afternoon, these have helped the parents to send their children to the school,” he added. 

Meanwhile, even parents are cautious now as their children go to schools.

A parent, Dorji Norbu, said is pleased to see his son go to his school and always brief him about safety protocols before he leaves for the school.

“I am happy that even teachers are trying their best in the school for the safety of the students,” he added.

Sonam Tashi from Trashigang