Samtse town development in full swing

Samtse town development is in full swing since last year.

After completion of the Local Area Plan (LAP)-I, the town has started developing. New structures are already visible in the core town and others are under construction. The newly constructed buildings are already filled.

Almost 70% of the developmental work is complete in the core town, which will be followed by construction of arcade and the park. The town has around 5,000 residents and the population is expected to increase when the Dhamdum Industrial Park begins operations.

The Samtse dzongkhag has completed planning on LAP-II as well. The survey demarcation, planning and public consultation are also complete. Almost 90% of the planning is complete and implementation of activities will commence. The installation of necessary facilities and infrastructures will be placed once the planning is complete. Officials from the Department of Engineering Services under works and human settlement ministry have visited the town, according to the Dzongkhag Planning Officer (DPO), Tashi. “We will implement within the 12th plan,” said Tashi.

The town still does not have necessary facilities like a bus terminal and vegetable market shed. The leftover activities of the LAP-I will also be executed in the 12th plan. The town will get a blacktopped road, proper bus terminal and multipurpose sports complex.

No construction has been allowed in LAP-II but the DPO said that the construction will start once the LAP is complete. The road has been blacktopped. The drainage and the sewerage are also complete in the core town.

The land owners have been given three years to complete the construction after which an oval arcade will be constructed. The center will be developed into a recreational park. A vegetable market similar to the centenary farmers’ market but smaller will be constructed in the town where the farmers can sell their local farm products. The vegetable market is expected to cost Nu 15mn.

The 3.4 Samtse town has better scope to develop with the opening of Dhamdhum Industrial Park which is expected to boost local economy.

Krishna Ghalley from Samtse