Sakteng goes from pit to pour-flash toilets

Sakteng residents in Trashigang are doing away with the pit toilet built near their house.

Saktenng has around 200 households. Though a few villagers are not yet able to build a modern attached toilet due to financial constraints 60% of them have pour-flush toilets and the remaining about 40 % still use pit toilets.

The Gup and Mangmi of the gewog are making efforts to bring changes in the lifestyle of the people regarding toilet sanitation.

Ap Drakpa, 61-year-old farmer in Sakteng, uses his pit toilet built near his house.  “Almost all households in the village uses pit toilet but it aches to see others having good toilet sanitation,” he said.

“In the past, we had toilets outside the houses. But now most of my neighbors have proper toilets attached to the house. We are also hoping to build a proper one in the coming years,” said another farmer Dorji adding that he doesn’t have pour-flush toilets at his house and he still uses pit toilet.

According to the Gup, Sangay Dorji, they have met with all the villagers and discussed this issue to educate them. “We have discussed the issue with the health sector and come out with a resolution to place good hygienic toilets in every house,” he said.

He said they want to improve the coverage of sanitary latrine to at least 80% by the end of this year. “The health sector recently sensitized local leaders on sanitary toilet construction,” he said.

Mangmi, Lhendrup said that villagers who are planning to construct new toilet can either opt to have toilets attached or separately built outside. But in both the cases, a pour-flush toilet is a must.  The pour-flush toilet is recommended for hygienic lifestyle, which prevents odor and flies.

Meanwhile, people have talked with the Gup and Mangmi regarding water shortage during winter season in gewog zomdue.

A water supply pipeline to get water from a stream located on the other side of the village is being worked on. “If not, I need to buy water pipes privately to get water,” Saktengpa Leki said.

According to the gewog administration, they have submitted a proposal for water pipes. “Villagers are in need of water pipes and we have planned to support financially in the 12th Plan.”

Kinley Yonten from Sakteng, T/gang