RSEBL takes share trading to mobile platforms

The Royal Security Exchange of Bhutan Limited (RSEBL) launched m-CaMS mobile application developed in-house to facilitate online trading of listed shares and bonds.

m-CaMS would improve accessibility, ease trading and encourage wider participation in the stock market.

The mobile application is integrated with the CaMS (Capital Market Solutions), a platform developed by RSEBL and launched in 2018.

The Chief Executive Officer of RSEBL, Dorji Phuntsho, said that the technology advancement aims to improve accessibility and encourage share trading.

He said earlier the forms for trading order needed to be filled up manually but now they can be created through the application from anywhere.

The CEO also said that overall, the mobile app is designed to accelerate RSEBLโ€™s role and its contribution towards achieving financial and digital transformation of the economy.

m-CaMS is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for real-time internet trading for investors. It can handle trading instruments such as equities and debts. The system accepts customersโ€™ orders through mobile platform and forwards it to the CaMS for immediate transaction. The m-CaMS can manage risk in pre-trade process by intercepting each incoming order and validating the financial and depository accounts.

In a press statement, RSEBL said that with the increase of investors in the market, m-CaMS will be a precise tool to disseminate market information, make informed decisions related to trading and make the securities market a preferred destination for investment.

The mobile application is designed to provide extensive front-office functionalities spanning across order routing, dissemination, vault services, financial controls, audit trail, investors risk management and comprehensive access control.

The app would also remove the hassle of calling the broker every time when investors need to place an order and with real time stock market updates on the go, investors can trade on their smart phones and tablets.

Additionally, investors can view various reports like working orders, executed orders and share reports. All trading activity of the investors is passed through the pre-trade risk manager for validations of cash and short sell.

RSEBL is also working on the release of m-CaMS 2.0 which will have additional features like payment integration, e-voting, tutorial classes on personal finance and many more.

With the launch of the m-CaMS, the trading in the securities market will now be open daily from Monday to Friday. As of today the total market capitalization is Nu 45.67bn. RSEBL, the only stock exchange in the country, was established in August 1993.

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu