RICBL trades the highest stock exchange shares in 2022

The Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited (RICBL) traded the highest number of shares in the stock exchange markets for the last year, according to Royal Security Exchange of Bhutan (RSEB) annual report.

From the 19 listed companies, the RICBL traded a volume of 22,449,051 at the year’s end. The highest recorded price was Nu 86 while the lowest price was Nu 62.1.

Followed by RICBL, Bhutan National Bank Limited (BNBL) traded about 4.74mn shares with the highest recorded price at Nu 36.01 and the lowest price at Nu 29.

Among the top five companies, Sherza Ventures Limited being in third place traded 844,647 shares with the highest price of Nu 25.57 per share and lowest price of Nu 10.25.

GIC-Bhutan Re-insurance Limited traded 664,883 shares at the highest price of Nu 34.64 and lowest of Nu 26, while Bhutan Insurance Limited traded 542, 053 shares at Nu 81 high and price of Nu 56.1 low.

During the year-end market of 2022, the share-trading has increased by over two-fold compared to last year.  More than 30mn shares of 10 listed companies are being bought and sold by individuals and institutions.

Seeing the two-fold increases in the share market, the chief executive officer of the RSEBL, Dorji Phuntsho said that the literacy improvement in asset investment of the public might have attributed to an increase in the stock exchange market.

Besides, the services have improved, he said that it also owes to the availability of shares in the market and access adding the investors have also assessed the future scope of the shares.

“Factors cannot be narrowed down,” he said, adding that the income of the public must have increased.

However, the RSEBL has also wider outreach compared to the past.

According to the RSEBL annual report, Bhutan Carbide & Chemical Limited (BCCL) traded the lowest volume of shares in the year 2022 end market. The company could trade only 453 volumes with the highest recorded price at Nu 47.34 and the lowest price at Nu 35.79.

With a total volume of 10,950, Bhutan Tourism Corporation Limited (BTCL) traded at its highest price of Nu 1,178.57 and lowest price of Nu 213.85.

Bhutan Polymers Company Limited (BPCL) traded 15,753 shares at the highest price of Nu 56 and Nu 42 at the lowest price.

At the highest price of Nu 55.13 and lowest price of Nu 41.5, the Kuensel Corporation could trade 17,847 shares while Bhutan Board Products Limited (BBPL) could trade volumes of 36,493 at the highest recorded price of Nu 45.05 and the lowest price at Nu 29.92.

With the digital application-m-CaMs, the RSEBL has about 700 users as of now.

Tshering Pelden from Thimphu

Additional reporting by Sangay Rabten