Residents of P/ling and Samtse get booster dose

Residents of P/ling and Samtse get booster dose

Phuentsholing has not seen any Covid-19 cases from the community for around 139 days now

A few residents of the border towns of Phuentsholing and Samtse received the Covid-19 booster doses yesterday, thus completing the scheduled booster dose vaccination for Phuentsholing and Samtse.

The booster dose vaccination in Phuentsholing is expected to vaccinate 24,047 people by the end of this month. Similarly, Samtse is expected to give booster doses to a total of 41,440 people.

The third booster vaccination in Phuentsholing started on December 24 and a total of 18,223 people came to get the jab.

According to the Southern Covid-19 daily booster dose vaccination report, there is a 76% coverage in just five days after the booster dose campaign started.  

For Samtse, the booster dose was given to 29,969 people, which covered 72% of the targeted population in five days.

An entrepreneur from Samtse, Devain said after having to deal with all sorts of people every day he feels that the booster dose is a must jab, which will help everyone in the long run when the neighboring country is seeing a lot of cases from the Omicron virus.

A graduate student, Nima said after completing the college he came to his hometown in Phuentsholing to get his booster dose on Wednesday.

“I feel the booster jab is a must for me as now I have to visit all sorts of places in search of a job and meet with all sorts of people,” he said, adding that if the government is planning to provide another booster dose he is ready to receive the jab next time as well.

A private employee, Anil said the third dose known as booster jab is a must as a private worker and given the requirement to meet with a lot of people in person.

He said he decided to get the dose after looking at the work that he had to do.

He added, “I hope everyone in Phuentsholing will be vaccinated with the booster jab.”

A resident in Phuentsholing, Bhim Raj Dahal said, “We see more cases of the Omicron in our bordering countries and being at the edge of the country I feel everyone should come forward for the booster dose.”

He said he and his wife got the booster dose and they feel safe after receiving the booster jab.    

A resident of Samtse, Ugyen Jamtsho said Samtse sharing the border with India itself is a risky place to be and he feels after receiving the booster dose it may help individuals to resist the impacts of the new Omicron variant. 

He said when the government is providing a booster jab everyone should come forward for the vaccination. 

He also said that his wife and family also got the dose yesterday. “I am thankful to the government for providing the booster jab to its citizens.” 

Meanwhile, Phuentsholing has been free of Covid-19 cases from the community for around 139 days now. 

Meanwhile, as booster doses were given, sensitization and advocacy on the safety protocols for restaurants and shopkeepers were also being carried out earlier this week.

Even earlier this month, there was a sensitization program for the public on the Covid-19 safety measures in Phuentsholing where an individual from each household had to attend the program.

Sonam Tashi from Phuentsholing