Relief Kidu of Nu 302mn dispersed since second lockdown

Relief Kidu of Nu 302mn dispersed since second lockdown

The Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu which received around 13,409 applications from the start of the second lockdown from December last year until January dispersed Nu 302mn to 96% of the applicants including regular Kidu and lockdown support Kidu beneficiaries.

According to Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu Office, applications had drastically reduced from November, averaging 10 per day in early December last year. But there was a surge immediately after the continuation of the Kidu was announced on December 24.

Around 43,855 applications were received last year, of which 34,384 (78%) received Kidu at least once while 9,471 were not eligible. Further, out of the total 34,384 recipients, 22% or 7,731 have received Kidu since April last year; they have received Kidu for eight months.

“Nu 1.4bn has been granted through the National Resilience Fund, for 34,384 beneficiaries last year,” stated the Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu Office.

About 33,829 applications were received in Phase I and 30,300 applications were received in Phase II of which, 22,532 were re-applicants from Phase I and 7,768 were new applicants. In Phase III around 23,253 applications have been received, of which, 20,995 were re-applicants and 2,258 were new applicants.

In addition, 403 applications have been received between December 1 and 23 last year. The decrease in applications may be reflective of some of the sectors (such as taxi drivers and restaurants) that were excluded from the eligibility criteria in the subsequent phases.

However, 1,394 Kidu recipients have also withdrawn their applications between April and October 2020, of which 1,060 have withdrawn and not re-applied.

While daily applications had dropped to less than 100, applications, which had averaged around 10 applicants per day in December, has been increasing from December 20 following the announcement of the lockdown. 119 applications were received on December 23.

About 74% of the Phase I applicants i.e. 25,126 received Kidu in Phase I. Nu 679.6mn was granted (including Nu 27.1mn child support Kidu of Nu 800 per child for 13,314 children).

93% of the Phase II applicants i.e. 28,259 received Kidu. The number of recipients increased in Phase II because of the lockdown support that was provided to applicants during the national lockdown from August 11 to 30.

Nu 501.4mn was granted in Phase II (including Nu. 14.1mn child support Kidu for 6,297 children). Out of 23,253 applications received between October and November last year, Nu 273.8mn has been granted so far (including Nu 8.8mn child support Kidu for 5,566 children).

In the Phase II, over 27,000 applicants received Kidu, of which 53% were male and 47% were female. Over 6,000 children were also covered under the child support Kidu. Including child support Kidu of Nu 14mn, around Nu 500mn was granted in Phase II.

In total, Nu.1.2bn was granted to over 33,000 beneficiaries and over 14,000 children in the last six months.

Over the course of Phase I, 3,099 applicants withdrew from the Kidu while 86 applicants withdrew over the course of Phase II, with most of the applicants withdrawing after having found alternative employment.

The Kidu amount was revised from Nu 12,000 and Nu 8,000 in Phase I to Nu 10,000 and Nu 7,000 in Phase II. Kidu will continue to be granted at Nu 10,000 and Nu 7,000 for Phase III.

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu