Relief Kidu of Nu 302mn dispersed since second lockdown

The Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu which received around 13,409 applications from the start of the second lockdown from December last year until January dispersed Nu 302mn to 96% of the applicants including regular Kidu and lockdown support Kidu beneficiaries. According to Druk Gyalpo’s Relief Kidu Office, applications had drastically reduced from November, averaging 10 per […]

Domestic tourism draws mixed response

For day trip pilgrimages, they charge Nu 500-Nu 1,500 and Nu 7,500 per person to central Bhutan Even as domestic tourism was picking up in the country prior to the second national lockdown, some of the trips were cancelled affecting the tourism products like pilgrimages while trekking picked up. At this time of the year, […]

Four new trade routes to open between India and Bhutan

These trade routes will be operational soon To boost the trade relations between India and Bhutan, India has agreed to Bhutan’s request to open four new trade routes for bilateral and transit trade between the two countries. The four new trade route points at Nagarkata, Agartala, Jogighopa and Pandu could be a major boost to […]