RBP pledge to adopt new strategies to avert crimes

In the wake of increasing crimes in the country, the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP)have decided to adopt new and creative strategies now involving local residents and communities, and making use of enabling technologies.

Speaking at the Senior Police Officers’ Conference in Phuentsholing last week, Police Chief Colonel Chimi Dorji said with the changing times, police should adopt newer strategies to prevent crimes rather than solving them.

In what could be a first initiative towards this endeavor, RBP  will now launch intelligence led policing model involving the local residents, villagers, local leaders and the relevant stakeholders to identify people with past crime records and suspicious behaviors who will be monitored closely by the police.

Colonel Chimi Dorji said though numerous strategies have been put in place by RBP like Police Youth Partnership Programs, Police People Partnership Programs, Sensitization for the Drivers, Friends of Police and others, people, as time progresses, have come up with newer strategies in committing crimes.

“Now it’s time for us to counter them with newer strategies as well,” he said, adding that the police will also now take services to villages where it is lacking.

Most of the police services are urban centric and most of the rural communities are left without services from the police. However, RBP has already started community policing after establishing Community Police Outpost (CPO) in 2012. Now, these CPOs will be established across the remotest communities for the better services.

According to the Police Chief, intelligence led policing model will now keep tab on the actions of those suspects involving the local communities with better knowledge of them. Policing would also be done after consulting with the communities and police would act upon the suggestions from the communities and the stakeholders.

“That will be a better crime prevention strategy,” Colonel Chimi Dorji said.

Meanwhile, RBP has also started Gewog Gagdeys in some gewogs to prevent crimes in the communities. Almost 10 Gewog Gagdeys offices were opened this year and more would be opened next year. Each office has been deployed with around five police personnel. Also, RBP would now compile strategies from each Dzongkhag annually and select and adopt the best across the nation.

Within the cities and towns, RBP will now sensitize on the burglar’s alarm – an alarm which can be installed at home connected with mobile application. Any attempt to intrude the house will be alarmed in the phone and the owner can act accordingly. There is also provision for the residents to connect the alarm with the Close Circuit Television  (CCTV) that can be connected to RBP’s control room for abrupt action from the police. The police would then track the house using google maps.

Colonel Chimi Dorji said, “With limited capacity for police personnel, now technology enabled strategies have become must and we will work accordingly for the best policing services.”

CCTVs connected to the control rooms have been, meanwhile, installed in Thimphu and Gelephu, where activities are monitored accordingly.

The Police Chief added that RBP is looking forward to install CCTVs in other major towns in the coming years.

“We now monitor the actions from our control room which is technology enabled strategy and crime has in fact decreased,” he said, adding that more creative strategies will be implemented in due course.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing