Blazing bus hits bus terminal building in Phuentsholing 

A public transport bus caught fire and hit the structure on the ground floor of the bus terminal building in Phuentsholing early yesterday morning.

It is not known how the incident, which happened at around 1:15 a.m. on Friday, occurred. Subash Transport bus, which ferries passengers from Phuentsholing to Dagana, was parked at its designated parking space before it caught fire and hit the building crushing its glass wall and leaving the structures fumed black. The window glass of the bus has been crashed and the engine has ceased as well. No casualties were reported from the accident.

A security guard, who is also a prime eyewitness, Pemba Tamang said the fire started from the engine and the bus started automatically, and started moving after five minutes toward the building. “By the time fire extinguisher reached the spot after I had informed, the bus had already been burnt,” he added.

Bus driver Lobzang Sherab said the bus was parked at its usual place after dropping off the passengers. “There was nothing unusual when I was there. The short circuit inside the engine could have caused the fire letting the bus to start,” he added.

The cause of the incident which is still mysterious is being investigated by Phuentsholing police. The police, however, could save the building from getting burnt.

Phuentsholing’s Officer-In-Command (Crime), Ugyen Tshewang, said the case is being investigated.

“We have invited technical experts from the State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Limited to investigate on the technical aspects as the bus is being supplied by the company. We are investigating the incident seeking their help and getting the reports from the witnesses,” he said, ruling out any foul play in the incident.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing