Project Sherab and HOPE-COVID initiate activities to help fight the pandemic

Project Sherab and HOPE-COVID initiate activities to help fight the pandemic

Project SHERAB (Supporting Holistic Education for Reflective Action and Behaviour) is an initiative of the alumni of the Foundational Leadership Programme-2 (FLP-2), Royal Institute of Governance and Strategic Studies (RIGSS). The goal of Project SHERAB is to contribute towards maximizing Gross National Happiness and developing the philosophy of Bhutan. On an annual basis, the alumni collaborate with relevant agencies to deliver interventions that would add value to society.

The project first started with a winter youth camp from January 3-5, 2020 with 42 students from ten schools of Paro.

Captain of Alumni FLP2 (RIGSS) cohort, Tshewang Ngedup said that before COVID-19 the FLP2 cohort was working on the road map of the project SHERAB but as soon as the disease broke out, the team moved forward to add ideas and initiatives to combat COVID19.

Further, he said that all the captains and cohorts of the FLP came together and mobilized ideas for the COVID-19 pandemic. “The first idea that we came up with is book donation drive, food bank, live streaming of meditation clips and we also registered volunteers from FLP1 to FLP5.”

Further, the team met with HOPE-COVID, a group of volunteers undertaking initiatives to help those involved in the COVID-19 situation in the country. The team came up with the idea of book donation drive through the idea which HOPE-COVID had already initiated in Thimphu. “After meeting with the HOPE team, we agreed to be a complementing force for HOPE volunteers and we committed to working together as collaborators and partners in the pursuit of reaching books to quarantine centers, beyond Thimphu.” 

The FLP alumni are stretched across 17 dzongkhags and the team has appointed focal alumnus with a team residing in that particular dzongkhag to lead and steer the book donation drive. “The Team will be facilitating and communicating with each other to collect and transport the donated books to our fellow countrymen in quarantine centers.” 

The objective of the book donation drive is to encourage reading and keep people in the quarantine facilities meaningfully engaged.

“In the long run, we are planning to come up with e-library for the society, intentioned towards reading and thinking society as envisioned by our beloved His Majesty,” he said.

Currently, amidst this COVID19, the team is working collectively, with optimism, hope, and purpose for a collective future. “Our His Majesty shall always be our guiding light and inspiration.” 

Sonam Tashi from Thimphu