Primary and secondary contacts of COVID positive man in Tshongzom test negative

Primary and secondary contacts of COVID positive man in Tshongzom test negative

However, the Tshongzom village in Samtse will be under quarantine until further notice

The 26 primary contacts of the 20-year-old man who entered his village, Tshongzom (Malabasey) of Samtse gewog in Samtse on July 14 has tested negative along with himself. He is in quarantine facility in Samtse since July 14.

Meanwhile, the 41 secondary contacts too have tested negative along with 20 random people who were in contact with the prime suspect.

One of the 26 primary contacts was traced later at Duenchukha Gewog but he also tested negative.

The 26th primary contact is in his early 20s and an excavator operator working for a private construction; he is working for a road construction at Duenchukha.

Meanwhile the secondary contacts of the 26th primary contact are yet to be identified.

 Also the gewog will be under the surveillance while the 20-year-old man is under home quarantine. 

Talking to Business Bhutan, Samtse Dzongda Sonam Wangyel said, “The community will still remain under quarantine till further notice as decided by the Ministry of Health (MoH).”

He shared that from the night of July 15, security personnel has been deployed to monitor the movement of the people in the community. “No one from the village or anyone from outside is allowed in the village,” he added.


The 20-year-old man who worked as a handyman entered Tshongzom on July 5 without informing the authorities, trying to escape the 21-days mandatory quarantine period.

 Until his entry to the village he was in Jaigaon.

After the incident the home ministry notified that Tshongzom village would be placed under community quarantine.

The 53 households in the village have been placed under community quarantine while about nine of the total households had primary contact with the person.  

According to the census record there are about 315 people in the village.

The home ministry’s notification stated that the movement of people and vehicles in and out of the affected locality will be restricted while only authorized vehicles that provide essential goods and services will be allowed.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu