PM reiterates the need to correct weaknesses and shortcomings infesting our system

Lyonchhen says he will strive to achieve more before the term of the government ends

While presenting the third State of the Nation report to the parliament yesterday, Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering said that the government will redirect its focus and resources to create gainful employment by uplifting the economy, enhancing education quality, and building credible human resources.

Lyonchhen shared that the government will pivot their mandates towards skilling, re-skilling, and up-skilling of citizens just as His Majesty The King has underscored.

“Undoubtedly, mainstream education will become our foreground to start skilling our youth. To make the world ready, our youth must learn from world experts,” the PM said.

Citing His Majesty’s commands on the 114th National Day this year, Lyonchhen said that continuing ahead, the State of the Nation report will present a completely different scenario than what it has been portraying so far.

“To achieve this tremendous feat, we will have to set aside differences, possibly dispose of them entirely. Together, we must uphold accountability and institute exceptional work ethics. We need to correct the glaring weaknesses and shortcomings infesting our system,” the PM said.

Lyonchhen added that in the process of democratic transition and reflecting on his own experiences, the elected governments were indeed swayed by political gains by warming up to people for votes and fulfilling pledges.  

“In trying to sustain the goodwill, laxity has set in. There are times when I have been unable to speak my mind and was unable to do what I wanted to do given the chains of deeply entrenched rules and systems. This pushes me to question the beauty of democracy scripted in textbooks that may never work beyond, given the human deficiencies and eroding values. Avid academicians have some homework to do on what path should Bhutan really embark on?” Lyonchhen shared.

However, Lyonchhen shared that with the Command from the People’s King that has transpired from the submission of the citizens; this is the ultimate task at hand – to revolutionize our way of working for the greater good of our people and the country.

“As the head of the executive, I am willing to listen to our agencies and people. I urge all agencies to come forward with ideas and imagination. I’ll invite feedback and welcome criticism equally,” the PM said, adding that such an honor is to be a part of the nation’s new pages of transformation. When we reflect decades down, this event from the pandemic years will stand tall.

“While I always believe in hard work and sincerity, this responsibility will be a true test of my character. I will not yield to the fear of failure or be blinded by success. I will strive to achieve more before the term of the government ends and until my last breath in service of the King, country, and people,” Lyonchhen said.

Meanwhile, mentioning His Majesty’s commands, the PM shared that it pained to hear the profound enunciation of the word “nGar” and the subsequent deterioration of those qualities during the last 15 years of His Majesty’s reign.

“But in truth, it correlates to the unveiling of the democratic process and that of elected governments,” he said.

Lyonchhen added despite numerous reminders and guidance from the Throne over the years, the grains of good governance slipped from our grip. “We loosely state that Royal Command is binding and indubitable and yet we have been deficient.”

Further, he mentioned that it is the responsibility of the government of the day, to redeem the faith and embrace the ability and the willingness to deliver. In His Majesty’s words, accountability must become the “cornerstone of governance”.

“With every essential ingredient in place, the “golden yoke of secular laws” is on us and particularly on my shoulder as the head of the government of the day. And just as the ox bearing the yoke earns respite only after completing the work at the end of the day, so shall be my motivation hereon. In the all-encompassing environment, if we still cannot deliver, it is clear that we are lacking and we must admit – accountability,” the PM said. 

Lyonchhen added that the government will not make excuses or use excuses to shield their failures. When there are circumstances that would deter us from achieving the goals, the government will seek means for correction.

“But we will admit to our wrongs. The era to justify and move on has come to an end. The words of His Majesty must stop at every individual, rather than being passed on. I pledge to that too.”

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu