People urged to report fuel adulteration cases 

Economic affairs minister Lekey Dorji urged people to report to the government if there are cases of fuel adulteration being practiced by fuel stations in the country.

“If such cases are known I request all individual to inform the government as it is a big issue and totally against the laws of the country,” the minister responded on being quizzed by the Member of Parliament from Wamrong constituency in Trashigang, Karma Tenzin, yesterday at the National Assembly session in Thimphu.

MP Karma Tenzin questioned the minister on the laws and penalties set by the government who mix kerosene with petrol and diesel to make profits.

Lyonpo Lekey Dorji informed the House that driven by profit, some fuel stations are known to mix Kerosene with petrol and diesel, which hamper the owners of the vehicle and is also totally against the laws of the country.

“I am worried to hear such cases as it will definitely hamper the owners of the vehicle,” said the Lyonpo, adding that people have to play a vital role in order to overcome such cases. “All the vehicle owners have to get a receipt from the particular fuel station as it can help concerned authorities to know from where such cases have occurred and the government will take actions accordingly.”

Given the high chances of such cases, the minister elucidated that the government had also come up with measures to overcome such cases.

“Under the Ministry of Economic Affairs, there are six regional trade offices and in Trashiyangtse and Samtse the government has Dzongkhag trade office to investigate such cases and the government also has hydro meter and measuring can for investigation. Hydro meter checks the density of petrol and diesel,” the minister explained.

According to the Lyonpo, the ministry collected around 89 fuel samples from different fuel stations this year and conducted fuel test for adulteration.

“But we did not come across such cases. If there are such issues, people are asked to immediately inform the concerned authorities as such issues are totally against the law. If the government is not informed regarding such cases there is nothing that the government can do,” the Lyonpo added.

Meanwhile, the minister also urged all the Members of the Parliament to inform the people to inform such cases to concerned authorities to totally avert such cases.

Jigme Wangchen from Thimphu