Former environmental consultant joins DPT

Kamal Dan Chamling will represent the party from Phuentshopelri – Samtse constituency

The latest candidate to join Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) is Kamal Dan Chamling who will represent the party from Phuentshopelri – Samtse constituency.

Prior to joining politics, he worked as a freelance consultant on environmental issues for Netherlands Development Organization, Asian Development Bank and United Nations Development Program. He said he decided to join politics because it gave him an opportunity to serve the king, country and people in a different way.

“However, it was not a planned move although I would always have preferred DPT,” said Kamal Dan Chamling.

The 59-year-old said that DPT can take the country forward toward a better future.

“I liked the party since 2008 and if one honestly and critically analyses the party, its candidates and achievements as ruling party, the answers are there for everyone to see for,” he said adding that the party has many senior leaders, who have served the nation for almost four decades. “They are seasoned administrators with in-depth knowledge of the country’s policies and progress.”

Further he added that the party has a vision for the country’s progress and development and is committed to realize the vision of His Majesty the Fourth King, who gifted democracy to the people.

According to Kamal Dan Chamling,  the party’s guiding principle of “Equity and Justice” wraps up the party’s stand and what the party is for the country.

He believes that his experience both in the government and private sector will enable him to contribute whatever he can in achieving the party’s objectives. He wants to contribute in making and leaving behind a better place for future generations.

“My honesty, strong principles and character with suitable education and experience are my strengths,” said Kamal Dan Chamling.

Further, he said he has sound knowledge on environmental issues from which his constituency in particular and the country as a whole can benefit.

“All developmental activities will have environmental impacts and I have adequate knowledge, skills and ability how best to address these, to reduce or mitigate negative impacts during the implementation stage. My constituency is being increasingly targeted with increasing industries and mining activities that will impact the local environment,” he added.

According to Kamal Dan Chamling, there are many policies, rules and regulations that are contradictory and hindering the progress and development of the country.

“These need to be modified, updated and adapted to suit the needs and local environment. I want to rectify these, reduce if not eradicate nepotism, favoritism and take the country forward,” he said.

Talking about the current political scenario in Bhutan, he said it is getting dirtier by the year.

“Political parties are using the policy of ‘no stones turned’ to criticize, defame and humiliate even to personal level. For short term political gains, parties are using and encouraging regional, religious, tribal and family ties and influences to gain votes,” he said. He also feels that unrealistic and false promises are being made.

“My chances of winning are good and I expect to win. DPT is an established, well received and known party. Good strategy and hard work in the field will be key to winning.”

Kamal Dan Chamling holds a Masters in Forestry from Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy in Dehradun, India.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu