No drop in attendance for civil service exam despite Covid-19

Uncertainty looms over the prelims examination, after the BCSE this year has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the delay in the graduation of candidates from various colleges and the lockdown in the country.

But preparations are on track amidst COVID-19 and more graduates are pouring in into the job market each year while vacancies in the civil service are shrinking every year.

RCSC officials said they will be continuously assessing the COVID-19 situation in order to ensure the smooth conduct of the examinations and the safety of all the candidates. The examinations will be conducted in strict compliance with the COVID-19 safety protocols.

According to Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC), 11.5% increased in e-registration for the PE compared to last year. A total of 4,740 graduates have registered for the RCSE preliminary examination slated for November 8 this year.

They are from 218 colleges based in 12 countries including Bhutan. A total of 3,691 graduates within the country and 1,049 graduates who studied outside Bhutan have registered this year. The number of graduates has increased by 1,040 compared to the previous year.

This year, the total number of vacancies announced by RCSE is 936. The total number of graduates who registered for PE in 2019 was 3,600 with 683 vacancies announced by the commission last year.

The RCSC has announced that PE of the BCSE would be conducted in Mongar and Thimphu. This arrangement has been made given the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore considering the health safety protocols and the convenience of the candidates.

“Candidates are requested to plan their travel according to the respective examination center that they have already registered in, to avoid missing the examination date.”

Jigme Norbu of the Civil Service Exam Division (CSED) said in light of the pandemic, the PE will be conducted with the COVID-19 preventive measures put in place at the examination centers. “The candidates are strictly required to adhere to the COVID-19 safety protocols. RCSE is setting up special arrangements for PE,” he said.

He said it is mandatory to put on a face mask by all the candidates. Candidates without a face mask will not be allowed an entry to the examination centers. “Candidates must undergo body thermo-scan at the entry point. Hand washing facilities will also be installed at every examination hall/room.  “Physical distancing must be maintained at all times – before, during and after the examination.”

He added that RCSC will maintain a list of invigilators and candidates with phone number of all the examination centers. Therefore, the invigilators and the candidates will not be required to scan the ‘Druk Trace’ app while entering the examination centers. According to RCSC, unlike in the past, there will be no face to face briefing for the graduates and instead all the graduates are requested to see the RCSC website for information regarding the examination centers and materials required for PE.

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu