NHDCL completes relocating Gol building residents

National Housing Development Corporation Limited (NHDCL) recently completed relocating 51 families who used to reside earlier in Gol building.

The company responsible for housing has relocated 48 units to the newly completed housing units near Rabten Engineering Workshop. The remaining two families were relocated to Pemaling housing colony and the old PWD Colony. Relocation was done based on lucky dip for fairness, according to an NHDCL official.

NHDCL recently completed constructing six buildings of ten units each and is starting two more buildings apart from special housing scheme. The 20 commercial units and offices at the base of Gol building are still operating. NHDCL had notified the business establishments to vacate by August this year. NHDCL’s Liaison Officer Sangay Khandu said that due to the risks posed by the building, they decided to dismantle it this year. The building was mostly occupied by middle income people working in Phuentsholing. “But we were successful in relocating them,” he said. NHDCL has stopped entertaining applicants to vacant units in the building to avoid complications in relocating.

Gol building constructed in 1968 has 65 residential and 20 businesses and offices at the base with one entry and exit gate. NHDCL took over the building in 2012. NHDCL further plans to construct a six-storied non-residential building.

Meanwhile, NHDCL’s special housing scheme is also in full swing around Phuentsholing. The housing will focus on providing affordable housing to Bhutanese residing in the Indian town of Jaigaon. So far,  160-unit buildings near the Amochhu River has been completed. The remaining buildings at six different locations will also be completed soon.

NHDCL undertook to construct 506-unit buildings in seven different locations to provide housing facilities to the Bhutanese residing in Jaigaon. So far, NHDCL has received the names of 1,259 Bhutanese households residing in Jaigaon from Phuentsholing Drungkhag office who registered till January this year.

Krishna Ghalley from Phuentsholing