New SherCol hostels expected to ease housing crunch in Kanglung

The new upcoming hostels and staff-quarter in Sherubtse college is expected to ease the housing crunch in Kanglung, Trashigang.

There are about 12,000 residents in Kanglung today, of which most of the population comprises college students.

Sherubtse College has more than 1,700 students and about 167 staff including faculty members and staffs.

The college is ready with five new hostels, which would accommodate about 250-300 students and the accommodation of the students in new hostels will begin from July this year. The additional hostels will take the total number of hostels to 20.

Staff living outside the campus will shift to a 24-unit staff quarter within the campus creating more housing space in the locality.

Sherubtse College president, Tshering Wangdi, said that the additional infrastructure would address the housing shortage in the gewog.

He said that students stay outside the college campus as day-scholars due to different lifestyles and some due to cramped room space in hostels, while some senior students stay with their family.

Tshering Wangdi said that with the upcoming hostels in the college, students staying as day-scholars might decrease but the authorities cannot make it compulsory for them to stay in hostels.

A second year student said that she could not adjust with her roommates in the hostel, so after consultation with her parents she decided to stay as a day-scholar. “Staying as a day-scholar is more comfortable.”

Numerous developmental works taking place in Kanglung has led to the steady rise of population over the years and the residents have been struggling to meet the increasing demand for housing units.

Shortage of houses has compelled many residents to share flats. Others live far away from the core town while some others are compelled to walk for hours to and fro from office.

For the last few months, Sangay Tenzin, a private employee along has been staying in a tiny apartment above the college campus. “We have no option but to share a house.”

A friend of Sangay who had to settle for a shared apartment said he would love to rent a place of his own. “I share my house with a friend and it is inconvenient when our family and relatives visit.”

Another resident said that it is almost impossible to find a house in Kanglung. “We have been going around looking for an apartment.”

Sangay Tenzin said college students occupy most of the houses in the locality.

Jigme Wangchen from Kanglung, T/gang