New medium-sized excavator launched

In an attempt to showcase the new model lineup and reach out to potential Bhutanese customers, Bhutan Hyundai Equipment (BHE) in collaboration with its counterpart in India launched Hyundai 140LC-9 medium-sized excavator in Thimphu on Wednesday.

The general manager of Bhutan Hyundai Motors and also BHE, Pema Lodey said the launch of medium-sized excavator will benefit contractors, who are unable to buy bigger size excavators and that it would reduce the costs for contractors too.

He added that the goal of BHE is make Hyundai equipment the number one choice and brand of the Bhutanese customers and give people choices to buy.

Hyundai 140LC-9 medium-sized excavator reportedly consumes less fuel compared to other fuel-based excavators. It’s also considered environmental friendly and reportedly goes well with the government’s policy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and improving balance of trade situation in the country.

Meanwhile, BHE was awarded the distributorship of this excavator in May last year. The company aims to offer customers a choice of machines with superior performance, low maintenance, and analytical capability.

The general manager of Hyundai Construction Equipment based in Pune in India, Lee said the new excavator is an upgraded version with more power and that it is suitable for the Bhutanese customers given the country’s mountainous and rugged terrains.

He added that there are also a lot of potentials to sell new machines in the Bhutanese market considering that it’s one of the growing nations in Asia with lots of hydropower projects coming up.

Sales and Marketing Head of Hyundai Construction Equipment, Sharwan said customers will experience low cost on the maintenance of the 140LC-9 medium-sized excavator, besides safe operation for operator and comfort after working for long hours.

He added, “We focus more on fuel consumption, stability, and environment friendly technology.”

All the features of the excavator from BHE has been, meanwhile, designed and assembled with the main aim to maximize torque, minimize waste of fuel and energy, and increase profitability.

Tshering from Thimphu