More than 5,000 graduates to vie for 936 civil service slots

More than 5,000 graduates to vie for 936 civil service slots

With the Preliminary Examination (PE) nearing, university graduates are busy preparing for a potential lucrative and secure job in the civil service. The examination is on November 8.

The number of vacancies in the civil service has increased by 253 slots but the number of graduates appearing the preliminary exam (PE) 2020 has increased concurrently by 1,000 this year.

E-registration is still going on and around 4,490 graduates have registered as of now. “The number has increased drastically compared to past years,” said the Human Resource Officer with the RCSC’s exam division, Jigme Norbu.   

The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) announced 936 vacancies for general and technical graduates this year, up from 683 vacancies announced last year and 589 in 2018.

About six to seven graduates will be vying for a single job in the civil service this year.

Compared to past years, this year, the highest of 321 vacancies are announced for education services (B.Ed) followed by 283 vacancies for Postgraduate Diploma in education, 247 in Technical services and 85 for administration (PGDPA), finance (PGDFM) and technical service (PGDNL).

However, the commission announced that the number of vacancies for the technical category would change depending on the number of candidates qualifying the PE, availability of field studies or specialization and after verification of documents.

“These vacancies will be filled from Civil Engineer if there is no Survey Engineer.”

Vacancies in technical and medical categories increased from 304 to 333 this year, which is the highest among the three categories. The highest of 90 vacancies are announced for clinical nurse followed by engineering and MBBS.

Among the 283 vacancies in PGDE this year, Dzongkha has the highest slot at 100. Science, Arts and IT education has drastically increased from three to 10 and the slots for Guidance and Counseling dropped by five slots.

Likewise, for the 100 slots for PGDE in Dzongkha, 327 graduates have registered and for 165 slots in PGDE general, more than 600 graduates have registered. In PGDPA for 45 slots, around 1000 graduates have registered.  For PGDFM 30 slots, 700 have registered and for technical service 247 slots, almost 1,500 graduates have registered as of now.

With registration for BCSE 2020 closed on October 10, the graduates are expected to appear the prelims on November 8 and main examination on January 8-10. 

The total number of vacancies for B.Ed graduates has increased by 321 slots this year, while the number of candidates appearing BCSE has increased by about 200 candidates compared to last years.

With BCSE for B.Ed graduates scheduled after PE, more than 500 graduates are likely to register for the main exam this year.

There are 164 vacancies for general category followed by 70 for Dzongkha, 33 for English, and 25 for IT education. There is no vacancy announced for history subject. There are only two slots for B.Ed Special Education.

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Kinley Yonten from Thimphu