Mister National World 2022 calls allegations against him ‘baseless’

Pema Khandu Wangchuk was crowned the Mister National World 2022 in June this year

After the Mister National Universe Organization (MNUO) announced its dissociation from Pema Khandu Wangchuk, who was crowned the Mister National World 2022, on July 19, the actor-model told Business Bhutan that all allegations against him were untrue and baseless.

The organization, meanwhile, cited that action was being taken against Pema Khandu Wangchuk for an indecent photo shoot he did recently in Bangkok.

However, Pema Khandu Wangchuk said he has never indulged in autoerotic asphyxia photo shoots as claimed by the organizer of the Mister National Universe (MNU).

The term ‘autoerotic asphyxia’ is the practice of sexual self-stimulation that causes one to experience hypoxia, which is believed to heighten the sexual experience.

Pema Khandu Wangchuk said, “I don’t believe the photo shoot I did can be classified as BDSM or autoerotic, it was simply a simple photo shoot in which I wore underpants, much like when I was shooting for MNU photo shoots.”

“In the first place, they shouldn’t have conducted such photo shoots themselves, if the pageant people don’t want to take such images and denounce any type of pictures,” he said.

According to him, the primary reason for the MNUO producing the press release (stripping him of the Mister National World title) was because he did photo shoots with other agencies without getting their permission.

He further said that in contrast to other pageants throughout the world, the pageant for Mister National Universe didn’t even have a legitimate agenda in the first place.

“There was no discussion about signing contracts, bonds, or any other kind of documents; it was all such a twisted-up event that was dismissed as a joke,” he shared.

Additionally, he said that the event’s organizer’s hypocrisy was obvious from the start.

“The primary objective of the Mister National Universe as stated on their website is to “promote tourism around the world and each candidate represents his own country”. But half of the contestants are their own staff.”

He said that the organizer picked some models (Thais) from their own agency and assigned each one a specific country to represent.

Regarding news making rounds on social media that Pema Khandu Wangchuk received Nu 5,000,000 as the winning prize, Pema Khandu Wangchuk said, “Cash prize wasn’t even promised at the beginning of the event, much alone leave the cash prize. The contestants were not even provided a proper dinner.”

According to him, the organizer’s intention was frequently evident. For instance, the organizer seized the entire amount of money intended to be donated to a charity and instead kept it after letting the contestants walk the ramp wearing their sashes like some sort of strippers in a bar.

He said he also had doubts about the pageant after what happened on the competition‘s final night.

‘There were three finalists including me and ten judges from different fields. After the question and answer session, the outcome was tied, but there was this one suspicious thing: the organizer had chosen the top three candidates rather than the judges doing so,” he said.

He added that the main motivation behind the organizer of the competition dismissing him as the winner was their desire to choose another contestant from a different nation in order to later secure sponsorship.

“The justification for removing me is unjustified as one of the contestants in the pageant even had an account in one of the adult sites. So he should also be condemned as per the so-called ethics and rules of the pageant, but they have removed me instead for their personal gain,” Pema Khandu Wangchuk said.

Pema Khandu Wangchuk also divulged another incident where he and fellow contestants visited a spa in Bangkok and the owner posted pictures of them online to advertise her spa.

“In that case too, the organizer wasn’t too happy because they believed that their contestants shouldn’t promote other agencies or anything else until and unless they are affiliated with the Mister National Universe.”

“The organizer had also claimed that they had briefed us verbally, but there was nothing as such. We would have agreed if we had signed a contract or other agreements,” he added.

Additionally, the Film Association of Bhutan (FAB) also posted a press release earlier in support of Pema Khandu Wangchuk.

Tshering Pelden from Thimphu