14 trainees complete Digital Marketing Course

As a part of the Skills Development Plan (SDP) of the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR), a month-long training on Digital Marketing for the 2nd cohort conducted by the MoLHR at TTI-Samthang completed yesterday.

A total of 14 trainees have reportedly been successfully trained by Ms. Beatrix Mรฉszรกros, a Master Trainer from the Republic of Hungary. The trainees are expected to have gained the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to become competent in Digital Marketing. Further, the trainees will undergo two weeks of Basic Entrepreneurship Course.

In addition, the Master Trainer also trained two candidates who were recruited as co-facilitators by the ministry, according to the MoLHR.

Through this initiative, the Ministry aspires to build the capacity and competency of the potential youths to become competent local trainers and to reduce the dependency on international master trainers.

The Ministry also plans to roll out subsequent Digital Marketing courses by the trained co-facilitators upon assessing their competency.

Yenten Thinley from Thimphu