Matrimonial cases dominate Trashiyangtse district court

Matrimony related cases dominated the total lawsuits registered with the Trashiyangtse District Court this year.  

Of the total 77 cases registered with the court, 27 cases are linked to matrimony.

According to the records maintained by the court, 65 cases are categorized as civil, while 12 are criminal in nature. Under civil lawsuits, 27 were registered as matrimonial, 21 as monetary and 17 were related to inheritance, compensation, land transaction, building and irrigation channels.

Under criminal offense, two cases were registered for rape of a child above 12 years of age, three for domestic violence, two for battery and malicious mischief/ assault, three for malicious mischief and breach of public order and tranquility, one for the offense against the Ku, Sung and Thuk, and one for tobacco sale and purchase.

Business Bhutan learnt that matrimonial cases have increased due to the escalation in domestic violence in the dzongkhag. Before the Domestic Violence Prevention Act (DVPA) of Bhutan 2013 came into effect, little or no cases were reported to the Royal Bhutan Police by the victims.

However, with the DVAP coming into force, besides rapid urbanization and modernization, more cases are reaching the court today. Moreover, marriage is no longer sanctified like in the olden days, with the interference of parents and relatives making married life difficult.

Meanwhile, monetary related lawsuits used to be the highest cases registered with the district court; however, it has slightly declined due to the enforcement of the Private Money Lending Rules and Regulations of Bhutan 2016.

โ€œA person can lend an amount not exceeding Nu 90,000 without having to obtain a registration certificate from the authority,โ€ section 3.2 of the rules states.

Of the total 77 lawsuits registered with the district court, verdicts on 67 have been passed, 18 are pending and two have already appealed.

Tenzin Lhamo from Trashigang