Lone female candidate to contest NC, Punakha

Fifty-one year old Dechen Zangmo is the lone female among the 10 National Council (NC) aspirant candidates registered from Punakha.

Dr. Dechen Zangmo (PhD) is from Gumgang village under Guma gewog from Punakha and has always been keen to participate in the council elections.

She served as a lecturer in Paro College of Education for 25 years. Prior to this, she served as a school teacher for five years.

She has a Bachelors in Education from Samtse, Masters in Education from University of New England, Australia and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from University of Newcastle, Australia.

Both her parents were teachers, her father being one of the first Bhutanese English teachers in Bhutan and her mother was a Dzongkha teacher.

Dechen Zangmo said that she wants to contest for the council elections because she would belong to and represent a bigger group of people namely the 11 gewogs of Punakha as opposed to a party where she would be representing only about half of it.

“Then, I will be able to create a more cohesive and closer relationship with the people hence I will have the ability to not just represent Punakha and review laws in the parliament but act as a translator to the people, so they understand the laws,” she said.

She said that as the only female candidate she hopes to provide a different perspective from the current serving candidate.

“As a female candidate I hope to open up avenues for all the young women to believe in themselves and take part in such important decision making roles. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to take part in this election,” she said adding that she expects that the people of Punakha will elect her and give her the opportunity to serve the Tsa-wa-Sum.

According to Dechen Zangmo, her experience of 30 years in various leadership areas from being a teacher, principal and lecturer including teaching and supervising principals doing masters in management and leadership is her strength.

Additionally, she has completed PhD and taught numerous research courses, for instance supervising senior Dzongkha teachers in their research for their Master’s degree. She believes that her rich background in research will play a major role in reviewing the important laws of the country.

She also has a lot of ideas and goals to bring new and innovative changes to Punakha which she will clearly express during her campaign.

Contesting for the first time against three other candidates from the same gewog, Dechen Zangmo is hopeful that people of Punakha will support her.

Currently, Dechen Zangmo is at Punakha for her familiarization tour.

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu