Contractor to contest in NC elections from Samtse

Describing his plunge into politics as to be a part of the process that was initiated by His Majesties and serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum, Deepak Sunwar, 31, is the latest candidate declaring to contest in the upcoming National Council elections in 2018 from Samtse.

“Democracy in Bhutan is unique as it is a gift from the throne; I would like to be part of the process to fulfil the aspirations of His Majesties and serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum,” Deepak Sunwar said, adding that his main reasons to join politics are to represent all the people of his constituency in National Council and take the collective voices of people to Upper House; thus engage people in a decision-making process and bring positive changes in the communities.

A contractor by profession, Deepak Sunwar has spent most of time in his village. He said this has given him an opportunity to understand the ground situations thoroughly.

“I also have a close acquaintance with the people of my constituency and with their encouragement and my responsibilities to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum, I have decided to contest for the upcoming NC and it is a planned move,” he said.

And by contesting in the upcoming elections, Deepak Sunwar said he would like to give choices to the people of his constituency in terms of NC candidates and he would like to request people to vote for the right candidate.

If elected, he reiterated that he would want to empower people about the laws and acts that are enacted, be a voice for the people in decision making process, bring positive changes in the communities, and encourage and support local culture and traditions.

Deepak Sunwar believes that he has better understanding of the situation in every nook and corner of Samtse Dzongkhag, which he says will take full responsibility to bring changes in those communities.

As a NC candidate, he said he would engage people in Samtse in the decision-making process as well as enlighten them about the outcome of each session of the parliament and benefits that could accrue to the people.

He said that the knowing of laws and acts is advantageous to prosper in life. These are the factors that he thinks will make the people of his constituency vote for him in the upcoming elections.

“National Council is a house of review where laws and acts are formed and it is important that people are on board during this process which I look forward to do it,” he said, adding that to fulfil this possibility had inspired him to run for the National Council elections.

“I aspire to bring positive changes in the various communities of my constituency; hence bringing up a stronger community for the country,” Deepak Sunwar said.

Talking about the political scenario of Bhutan, he said with the blessings from the throne, people are fortunate that politics is in good shape. He also believes that people must keep working hard to strengthen it.

“I am really grateful to the people in my community for encouraging and supporting me to contest for the NC. I am trying to meet as many people as possible in my community and take their advice. I am optimistic that people will give me a chance to serve them at the best of my capability,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deepak Sunwar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from the North Bengal University in India.

Chencho Dema from Thimphu