Kanglung to have fuel depot by May

Residents of Kanglung in Trashigang had to travel to Pam, 19km away just to fuel their cars.

Not anymore. A fuel depot is due in Kanglung by May for which the Dzongkhag has already identified 83d of land.

The construction will start in January.

A Kanglung resident, Sonam Tenzin said that a fuel depot in Kanglung would benefit not only the people of Kanglung but commuters on the Trashigang-Samdrup Jongkhar highway as well.

Refilling LPG cylinders will also become easier for the locals with the fuel depot.

Another resident said that road blocks during summer used to pose problems for those who had to go all the way to Pam earlier to either refuel their cars or get LPG but the new fuel depot would solve their problems.

Bhutan Oil Corporation Regional Manager Dendup Tshering said that more than profit margins, the fuel depot would look into the welfare of the public.“Going by rule, there should be a 100km-gap between two fuel depots but the distance between Kanglung and Trashigang is only 23km.”

Two underground tanks with capacities for 50,000l of diesel and 20,000l each will be installed at the depot.

Dendup Tshering said that the quantity of fuel would depend on customer demand. “But this quantity will be enough for the residents and commuters.”

Meanwhile, locals are happy that such an essential facility has come to their doorsteps, which would cut down on expenses as well as facilitate easy access to fuel.

Jigme Wangchen from Kanglung, Trashigang