Internet connectivity betters lives of Layaps

A life in isolation of the Lapays without phone and internet connection has changed today with the advent of internet connectivity.

Many say they find their lives much easier compared to 10 years ago.

The b-mobile network of Bhutan Telecom was connected to Laya in 2010. However, the 3G service connection was introduced only in October last year.

Recently, coinciding with the fourth Royal Highland Festival this year, TashiCell officially launched 2G and 4G LTE services in Laya.

Now Laya is connected with both telecommunication services.

Member of Parliament (MP) Tenzin from Khatoed Laya constituency said with the telecommunication services, the lives of Layaps have been made much easier now.

He said 15 years back Layaps had to come down to Taktsimakha Army camp to make any emergency call to their relatives and they communicated through the wireless.

The MP also mentioned that 10 years back, there was only a fixed line at the Basic Health Unit (BHU) and people had to wait in queue to make an emergency call to their relatives.

“Now with the telecommunication services available they can connect to the other parts of the country and world any time,” said the MP, adding that any issue in the gewog can be discussed through social media with the people.

The only areas that are not connected with mobile networks are the yak herding areas.

The MP said the service is now required required in yak herding areas and the areas between Laya and Lunana.

He said with the TashiCell service connectivity now, it covers 80% of the connectivity between Gasa and Laya areas like Phunjothang, Koina and Thongchudra.

According to Laya Gup Lhakpa Tshering, there are more than 1,000 mobile users in the gewog.

The messengers do not have to go door to door to reach the messages, they can now send them through the social media.

He also said that any office orders they receive, they shared them through the social media, which has also reduced their administrated cost.

According to the Mangmi of Laya, Tshewang, said most of the Layaps use WeChat platform to share their information.

According to him, Layaps use mobile phones with prices ranging from a minimum of Nu 1,000 and maximum up to Nu 60,000.

One of the teachers at Laya central school, Thinley Rabgay said with the internet connectivity facility, teaching and learning process have also immensely benefited.

He added that these days it is not enough to teach from text books, teachers also have to browse the internet for extra information.

Jigme Choden, a mother of three children, from Pazhi village said with the internet connectivity services in their gewog, now they don’t feel isolated from other parts of the world. Before without internet connectivity we felt we were isolated.

She said that they can easily contact with their family and friends.

Similarly, Kinley, a mother of three, from Pazhi village said they used mostly WeChat platform to connect with their family, friends and relatives.

She said that now they know what is happening in other parts of the world through the social media and they get the chance to listen to teachings of religious discourses.

With the internet connectivity, girls of Laya are even seen wearing fashionable dresses.

Dechen Dolkar from Laya