ICIMOD launches MTAP V

ICIMOD launches MTAP V

The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) launched Medium-Term Action Plan MTAP V and the new Strategy 2030 on 9 November.

The ICIMOD’s MTAP (2023-2026) is a strategy towards a greener, more inclusive, and climate-resilient Hindu Kush Himalaya (H2H).  The launch is an embark to the next phase of the journey of ICIMOD, embracing the change and accelerating action.

The Director General of ICIMOD, Dr. Pema Gyamtsho during the launch said, “This marks the end of a marathon process over the last one and half years, to co-create with you all, what we call a future-fit strategy, but the beginning of the actual journey in translating our vision, mission, and strategic directions into actions.”

The strategy development was guided by recommendations from the Vth QQR that were concluded in early 2021 and a 360-degree paper reviewing the history of ICIMOD and analyzing its success stories and learnings from nearly three decades of association by the PAC Chair.

The strategy 2030 is a pivotal moment in the history of ICIMOD as the world is changing and H2H is on top of the world, things are changing fast. Witnessing rapid climate change, biodiversity loss, increased disaster risk, and rising poverty and inequality, the strategy for 2023-2030 outlines to work to address these challenges and achieve our vision of a greener, more inclusive, and climate-resilient region.

The Director General said that with this co-created new strategy, and the medium-term action plans to operationalize it, we will be able to support the mountain communities, to adapt and build resilience at speed and scale, and address the looming crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, environmental degradation, and air pollution, that threaten the region.

“We are cognizant of the urgency with which actions need to be taken, but are also aware of our own strengths and limitations,” the Director General said.

Izabella Koziell, who has spearheaded the crafting of the documents said that the MTAP V will enable a regional and global mechanism for sustainable action in moving the mountains.

The PAC Chair, Lyonpo Kinzang Dorji said that the MTAP V will ensure accountability and shine a brighter future than before in the H2H region.

Sangay Rabten from Thimphu