Health tips for the rainy season – Sandhya Gugnani

No sooner the monsoon arrives we start fearing about the risk of catching on various diseases like cold and flu, dengue, malaria typhoid etc. Many of these diseases remain undiagnosed until they reach the complication level. So let’s talk about how to prevent and take necessary precautions:

Top of the list is to have a healthy well–balanced diet to have a strong immune system to fight out the infection and increases the body’s resistance.

As prevention, it is better to watch out the source of drinking water. It should be safe, hygienic and free from any contamination. So, therefore avoid street food or consumption of raw fruits and vegetables to prevent other water-borne diseases like diarrhoea, cholera or typhoid etc.

Another disease like dengue or malaria which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Dengue mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so avoid an accumulation of water in any place. Also, wear full sleeves while going out especially during the day.

Another common condition is viral fever which is due to a sudden change in temperature which can be contagious so it’s important to build upon one’s immunity by taking vitamin-rich foods, green leafy vegetables and maintain proper hygiene.

Gastroenteritis is also very common in monsoon season as due to high humidity the growth of bacteria is rapid which can lead to food poisoning. To prevent it it’s important to take precautions about hygiene, proper sanitation and also avoid outside mainly street food and cut raw fruits and vegetables from outside as the possibility of contamination is high which can trigger the condition.

So overall general health tips to prevent the above-mentioned diseases would be:

• Consume safe drinking water

• Avoid outside and street food

• Avoid cut raw fruits/vegetables or uncooked foods from outside

• Consume fresh foods and dispose of foods which are kept out for long hours especially

• Maintain proper hygiene and sanitation

• Stay away and avoid coming in contact with an infected person. Take necessary precautions like covering our mouth or wearing a mask or even avoid using same hand towels etc.

• Build upon one’s immunity by taking vitamin C rich foods, green leafy vegetables along with a healthy well-balanced diet

• Use mosquito repellent creams or spray and hand sanitizers

• Wear full sleeves while going out to avoid mosquito bites and also avoid crowded places, theatres etc

The writer is a certified Health & Wellness Coordinator in India by FSSAI. [Courtesy : ToI]