Govt. will be accountable in case of any mishaps after vaccination: PM

Clarifying doubts on the Covishied vaccine that the government recently received from the Government of India, Lyonchhen Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering said people should not worry much about safety issues since the vaccine has undergone trials before approval.

“The government will take 100% accountability if any mishaps occur after vaccination,” Lyonchhen said, adding that it is the government’s responsibility to bear concerns related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lyonchhen shared that there might be some reaction like fever, mild pains, and little swelling in the area where the jab is received but this is similar to most vaccines.

“Different people will react differently to the vaccine; while it will be very effective for some, it will not be effective on others and partially effective for some,” Lyonchhen said, adding that in most cases the vaccine can, however, help in keeping people safe from the COVID-19.

However, PM said people will have to fill up a form while availing or refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. On consent, he clarified that it will be just like collecting information and nothing to do with asking for consent/undertaking.

He said that the information collected will be used to see how the individual is protected against the virus. “Just like the requirement of COVID negative certificate for oversea travels, the requirement of vaccine certificate might come into effect in the future,” said Lyonchhen.

Lyonchhen added that the government will try to vaccinate everyone after it receives all the vaccines. He also shared that people travelling abroad will be also vaccinated before they leave the country.

“If they have to leave before the vaccine is rolled out, they can avail the vaccine from the host country. We will reimburse the cost of the vaccine,” said PM.

Recently, some Bhutanese claimed that a trial volunteer at the Serum Institute that produces the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine experienced side effects linked to the vaccine, something the company has denied.

Commenting on the call for indemnity, Lyonchhen said the vaccinated will receive 100% indemnity from the government which will take full responsibility in case of an averse event-linked issue.

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu