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Govt. must revisit the policies for students of grades X and XII – Opposition

According to the Opposition, grade XII repeaters should be given an equal opportunity to apply for government scholarships abroad 

The Opposition Party maintained that the government must allow students of grades X and XII to repeat without conditions.

Through a press release issued by the party on May 17, for grade X students, according to the party, it is a constitutional duty on the part of the government to provide free education up to tenth standard.

“Further, grade XII repeaters should be given an equal opportunity to apply for government scholarships abroad,” states the party.

According to the Opposition, many students who failed in grades X and XII are left in confusion and disappointment as the existing policy does not allow them to repeat more than once in the same grade. A more prohibitive element of the policy is that they are denied repeating even once if they had failed in the immediate lower grades of IX and XI.

And while the circular of November 4, 2013 states about allowing students who have failed in classes X and XII to repeat once in the same government school from the 2014 academic session, the Opposition claimed that the opportunity is subject to fulfilling a host of conditions, among which a student “should not have repeated in the previous grade (IX/XI)”.

According to the Opposition Party, the government must review the policy in keeping with, among others, the declining youth population and objectives of the new education reform.

“The current policy might end up doing more harm than good in the long run. Our education system should not deny our youth, not even a single one, the opportunity to continue their education if they are interested. It is also learnt that many grade X passed children with lower scores are facing difficulties in finding admission to study in grade XI,” states the party’s press release.

“Similarly, there is a standing policy that denies grade XII repeaters the opportunity to apply for government-sponsored professional studies. A student repeats in the same grade with much pain with the sole aspiration of securing a brighter future. The policy begs for a thorough review.”  

Apart from allowing grades X and XII failed students to repeat in government schools without conditions, the Opposition has recommended making grade XII repeaters eligible for government scholarships abroad.

The party has also recommended that every grade X passed child gets admission to study in grade XI and carry out effective advocacies on alternative career paths in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

Staff Reporter from Thimphu