Gasa to Laya GC road to be complete by 2022

Gasa to Laya GC road to be complete by 2022

The gewog center (GC) road from Gasa to Laya gewog center is scheduled to complete by 2022.

The total stretch of road would be around 30km-35km from Gasa till the gewog center.

The construction of GC road started in 2009. Only the two gewogs of Laya and Lunana at Gasa are not connected with GC road so far.

So far more than 25km of the road has been completed. The construction of the road has reached between Koina and Tongchudra.

The officiating dzongkhag engineer of Gasa, Mani Raj said that the construction of GC road is done phase-wise.

In the first and second phases, 10km each were constructed.

According to officiating dzongkhag engineer, currently the third phase of 6km is under construction.

The dzongkhag awarded the construction work to a contractor at the amount of more than Nu 11mn in December 2016 for a period of 15months for the construction of 6km of road.

He said the work was scheduled to complete on March 2018.

However, the dzongkhag has allotted additional work of more than 1km which was supposed to complete on January this year.

The officiating dzongkhag engineer said that they have imposed penalty to the contractor due to the delayed work.

So far, 6.8km of road has been completed and more than Nu 12mn has been paid to the contractor.

Now, only 300m remain to reach Tongchudra. The dzongkhag got a budget for only 26km till Tongchudra so far.

He said that the remaining is under process; the documents need to be approved by authorities concerned.

The Member of Parliament (MP) Tenzin from Khatoed Laya constituency said that the government has allocated Nu 32mn for the construction of the remaining GC road from Tongchudra to Laya gewog center.

He also mentioned that Nu 72mn has been allocated for the blacktopping of 25km of road.

“The construction and blacktopping of the road should be completed by 2022,” said the MP.

He said that the government has already allocated the budget but the work needs to be implemented.

The Laya Gup, Lhapa Tshering said that connecting with the GC road will immensely benefit the Layaps and also the two gewogs of Lunana and Lingzhi.

He said that currently people have to use horses for the transportation, the number of which is increasing every year.

He said that with the number of horses increasing every year the numbers of yaks are decreasing since all the pasture land are taken by horses. Highlanders have to depend on the yaks.

There are around 600 -700 horses in Laya and every household has an average of eight to nine horses.

The Gup said that the road connection will bring development to the Layap community.

He said that currently every commodity is costs double the price which is very expensive. With road connection it will cost less.

He said that the economy in the community will receive a boost especially if the number of tourists visiting increases.

He said that it will make life easier for the Layap community.

“Now people faces challenges during emergencies like cases when people are ill they cannot reach the hospital,” said the Gup, adding that they cannot rely on helicopter due to bad weather condition.

The Gup also said that the construction of road is delayed because of monsoon rainfall in summer and snowfall during the winter.

Tshogpa of Toedkor chiwog, Leki Tshewang said that after reaching the road since most people depend on cordyceps and dairy products of yaks; they can easily reach the market.

He said that currently not all the people are able to sell their products.

Currently it takes around eight hours to reach Laya on feet from the road point. Officially it takes two days’ journey to reach Laya.

Laya has a population of more than 1,000 and 262 households.

Dechen Dolkar from Laya