Fuel depot construction site in Doksum to be relocated

The construction of a fuel depot in Doksum, which was supposed to start operations by December last year has been delayed due to change in location for the works.

However, works on the new fuel depot will start as soon as possible, according to Bhutan Oil Corporation’s (BOC) eastern Regional Manager, Dendup Tshering.

According to the Trashiyangtse Dzongrab, Lam Dorji, another area has been identified and approved in Doksum for the fuel depot construction much to the relief of the residents of the other six gewogs whose residents would otherwise have to undergo unnecessary hassle to fuel up.

This means that the residents of Doksum will no longer have to drive all the way to the lone fuel depot in the dzongkhag, which is located some 30km from Doksum or to Trashigang fuel depot which is more than 20km away.

Tshering, who drives a bolero said that people usually had to drive all the way to Yangtse fuel depot to refuel their cars. “It was a waste of time and fuel but we had no choice.” Additionally, he said that the fuel depot in Doksum would be ideal for residents and commuters plying the Yangtse highway.

Another resident said that since Doksum is centrally located for all the six gewogs it will benefit the people in many ways. “Refilling of LPG cylinders will also become easier with the fuel depot in Doksum.”

Similarly, Sangay Zam, a resident said that although the construction of the fuel depot has been delayed, it is better late than never.

BOC officials had visited the area identified for location earlier thrice but they could not make any headway. In fact, the location was changed several times.

The BOC Regional Manager said that once they receive the lease certificate (thram), they will begin the works as soon as possible.

Two underground tanks: 50,000l for diesel and 20,000l for petrol would be installed at the depot. “The quantity of the fuel would depend on the demand from the residents.”

Further, he said that the fuel depot would be for public benefit yet profit oriented. “The station in Doksum will also have a LPG gas store.”

The fuel depot construction is estimated to cost around Nu 7-8mn.

Jigme Wangchen from Doksum, T/yangtse