Former RBA personnel charged with attempt to rape

Former RBA personnel charged with attempt to rape

The Bench II of Paro Dzongkhag Court sentenced a 27-year-old former Royal Bhutan Army (RBA) personnel, from Gaden in Sarpang, to one year and six months in prison for attempt to rape.

In the judgment rendered earlier this month, the culprit was found guilty of attempt to rape the victim on February 9 last year.  It was 10pm  when the culprit took the 19 year-old girl below the road when they reached the RBA duty place and tried to rape her.

However, he did not remember whether he forced himself on her because he was drunk.

He claimed that he was returning home from Drayang. He met the victim and her friend at the junction of the end point of the town. Three of them were walking down to Changdukar and when they reached to Damcha Petroleum station, the victim’s friend went home.

He also argued that he was drunk and slept beneath the road. His friend took him home at 10 am next day.

The matter was reported to Paro police next day.

The victim reported that when they reached the RBA camp, he pulled her and took her below the motor road and tried to rape her. She was released when the light from running cars flashed on them and she shouted.

According to OAG, the victim’s slipper was found at that place, and the spot looked disordered.  The victim’s jacket was ragged showing it was an attempt to rape.

Likewise, the medical report reported there was an injury on her left thigh. 

The former RBA was charged for violating section 134-C of the Penal Code of Bhutan. The court has also ordered the culprit to pay a compensation of Nu 7,500 to the victim.

Kinley Yonten from Thimphu