Former BBS producer to contest for council from Lhuntse

Forty-four year old Kinga Penjor, a former producer of Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS), will contest for the upcoming National Council (NC) elections from Lhuntse.

Kinga Penjor is the only candidate from Thimyul village under Gangzur gewog in Lhuntse.

He worked as reporter, television anchor and producer for 15 years at BBS before resigning last year to contest for the elections.

He has a Bachelors in Philosophy and Literature in Dzongkha from Sherubtse College, Kanglung.

Kinga Penjor said that he wants to contest for the NC because his profession has helped him understand the hopes and aspirations of Bhutanese from every walk of life.

“With this knowledge, my conscience tells me that I can contribute better by joining as a NC member,” he said.

Kinga Penjor has traveled to various remote pockets of the country covering various issues for news and documentaries.

He has interacted one-on-one with bureaucrats and policy makers in the capacity of anchor, which according to him, made him think deeply about how he could contribute if he joined the council.

Additionally, having interacted with common people too in his career as a journalist, Kinga Penjor is confident that he can make a difference.

If elected, he hopes to make Lhuntse a better developed dzongkhag through working on plans and policies that affect it.

Some issues he would focus on are pushing the Shingkhar-Gorgan road, addressing rural-urban migration and gungtongs, facilitating proper commercial farming, and tackling human-wildlife conflict. He is also for tourism that promotes the country’s environment and culture.

Another issue of national interest that he would support would be curbing corruption in various sectors.

Kinga Penjor would also focus on promoting agro-based rural economy, youth entrepreneurship and employment in agro-sectors, and promote vegetable farming for food self-sufficiency within Bhutan.

Currently, there are eight aspiring NC candidates from Lhuntse.

Dechen Dolkar from Thimphu