Football coaching camp draws more than 50 students in S/Jongkhar

A total of 50 students under age 14 are participating in a 20-day summer football coaching camp, themed ‘Milo summer coaching camp’ in Samdrup Jongkhar starting July 5.

The camp aims to provide a platform for the students to engage themselves meaningfully during the summer break and to train talented youth with potential.

The summer coaching camp is also an opportunity to select potential players for regular coaching. It is a platform where Bhutan Football Federation (BFF) explores the potential and skills of young players.

Dzongkhag football coach from BFF Ngawang Jampel said such training would allow them to select the best footballers in the region who will be trained in Thimphu to represent the country in the future.

“This kind of coaching camps not only engages youths in their vacations but such trainings will allow the country to have a larger pool of players and would facilitate quality selection,” said Ngawang Jampel.

Sonam, a resident of Samdrup Jongkhar said she that has enrolled both her sons in the camp so that they would be involved in physical sport instead of watching television and playing online games.

Another resident said that such activities will engage students in sports and will help them to stay away from drugs and other unhealthy activities.

One of the participants, Tshering, said that he is satisfied spending his summer break learning football. “I have not only learnt about football but also about respect and discipline during the coaching camp.”

Additionally, he said that this was his first time participating in such a camp. “I will take part in such coaching camps in the future too to develop my skills,” he said.

The coaching camp, according to Tshering, has been enriching in terms of gaining various skills, knowledge and also in making new friends.

Meanwhile, Ngawang Jampel said that though it is an open coaching camp, the number of girls’ participation is very less. “We need to motivate them because there are some talented players who don’t turn up for the coaching camps,” he added.

The summer coaching camp will end on July 25.

Jigme Wangchen from S/Jongkhar